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New Data Available on Indiana’s Hospital Charge and Quality Transparency Website

Johnson Memorial Health is committed to helping patients make informed decisions about their health care. That’s why we collaborated with the Indiana Hospital Association on the newly updated mycareINsight – an online tool that gives Hoosier patients easy access to hospital quality ratings and average charges for the most common medical procedures. 

INDIANAPOLIS– Charge and quality data is now available for the 50 most frequent outpatient procedures in Indiana via the Indiana Hospital Association’s, making the free tool even more useful to Hoosier patients and consumers.

In 2015, IHA launched the charge and quality transparency website to help consumers better understand what goes into hospital billing and the services available in their community. This year, they have launched an updated and enhanced tool.

“We understand that health care pricing and quality metrics can be complex, and that is why we initially created mycareINsight,” said Doug Leonard, president of IHA. “Our transparency tool is intended to educate Hoosiers, answer their questions and empower them in their health care decisions.”

The website has displayed hospital charge data compiled from the Indiana State Department of Health for the 100 most common inpatient services in Indiana. With this latest update, it now also includes the 50 most common outpatient services, such as a colonoscopy. The site will be updated as new data is made available.

A search engine function allows users to find charges by location, hospital and/or procedure, as well as compare hospitals side-by-side. It also provides tips, frequently asked questions, explanation of clinical terms and links to additional resources. Patients can use the information obtained from mycareINsight to work with their physician and their insurer to choose the best option and estimate out-of-pocket costs.

IHA encourages consumers to consider price as just one factor in their health care decisions. People can use mycareINsight to view and compare hospital quality measures, such as patient satisfaction, readmission rates and infections. Information is also available on how these measures are calculated.

“The quality of the care patients receive is just as important as the price, which is why we focus equally on the two, helping to paint a clearer picture of value for the consumer,” said Martin Padgett, president and CEO of Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville and past president of the IHA Board of Directors. “It is important to see other patients’ outcomes when evaluating treatment options.”

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