Cancer Patient Navigator

Guiding patients through your cancer journey

Cancer Patient Navigator

A cancer diagnosis is sure to bring on a bevy of natural emotions. However, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, the last thing you should be dealing with is confusion. At Johnson Memorial Hospital, we will pair you with a cancer patient navigator to help you understand every step of the treatment process.

How a Cancer Patient Navigator Can Help

Sometimes during a complicated treatment, patients work with many different doctors and are given a lot of information that can be difficult to process. We want to make sure that you never feel like you're going through your treatment alone. Our advocates work as a liaison between the patient and the doctors to better coordinate care, so you'll always have someone available to answer any questions that you may have. Patient navigators may have professional medical, legal, financial, or administrative experience to provide you and your caregivers with support and guidance.

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Services a Cancer Patient Navigator Provides

A cancer patient navigator can assist patients and families by helping them feel more organized and comfortable. The advocate can explain medical terms and upcoming procedures, help schedule appointments, and may accompany patients to doctor visits. Navigators can help put patients in touch with educational resources, support groups, and healthcare providers. Also, they have the knowledge to help with medical paperwork and insurance forms. Community patient navigators provide support to the public, providing education to help people understand the importance of routine cancer screenings and how they can access resources.

Whether you need assistance getting to and from appointments or could benefit from some extra support in the journey toward remission, a cancer patient navigator at Johnson Memorial Hospital will be there for you.

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