Communication and Your Privacy

Let us know how you want to share information

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We want to make your experience at Johnson Memorial Hospital as comfortable and positive as possible. We know you want to stay in touch with family and friends who are concerned about you. Yet, we want to respect and protect your privacy.

At the time of your registration you were asked if you wanted to be listed in the hospital directory. If you are listed in the hospital directory we will be able to tell your friends and family your room and telephone number. If you initially indicated that you not be listed in the directory but changed your mind, inform your nurse that you want to change your election and the change will be made.

In an effort to better communicate information regarding your care to your family while protecting your privacy; please be prepared to give your nurse the name of a contact person with whom we can share information about your care. Inquiries from other family members and friends will be asked to contact this individual for updates on your condition.