Construction of New Emergency/Outpatient Services Facilities Announced

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Johnson Memorial Health commits $42 million for construction of new emergency/outpatient services facilities on main campus

Population growth, healthcare trends stimulus for largest project in hospital history

November 1, Franklin, Indiana—The Johnson Memorial Health (JMH) Board of Trustees approved plans to build a new, state-of-the-art emergency/outpatient services facility and a new, comprehensive rehabilitation center on the Johnson Memorial Hospital campus in Franklin. The $42 million dollar project, the largest in Johnson Memorial Health’s history, will completely re-shape the east side of the campus with the new emergency/outpatient facility, replacing the original 1947 hospital building. The new rehabilitation center will be constructed on the undeveloped west end of the campus. Construction is expected to begin in 2017.

The new emergency/outpatient services addition will feature a 17,400 square foot emergency department and over 33,000 square feet of additional space for outpatient services including radiology, laboratory and wellness activities. The new rehabilitation center will contain 20,400 square feet that will house physical, occupational and speech therapy/rehabilitation services as well as orthopedic care services. Indianapolis-based design firm Cripe will oversee the project’s architecture and engineering requirements.

“This is a significant milestone in the history of Johnson Memorial Health,” said Sandi Huddleston, Chairperson of the JMH Board of Trustees. “With this project, we will greatly improve patient comfort and convenience and ensure superior healthcare service for the growing population of Johnson County for many years to come.”

The announcement follows a year-long feasibility study that considered many things including capacity challenges, safety issues and projected county growth.

“We spent a great deal of time assessing the services Johnson Memorial Health currently provides at our main Franklin campus and the growing and changing needs we’ll see over the next decade,” said Larry Heydon, President/CEO of JMH. “Johnson County is the state’s third-fastest growing county and this new project will allow us to keep up with that growth and continue to provide quality healthcare service as Johnson County’s only full-service hospital.”

Heydon cites nationwide consumer trends as a major impetus for construction of these new facilities. “Our hospital has historically been constructed with an emphasis on providing accommodations for extended inpatient stays,” Heydon said. ”The number of inpatient stays continues to decline here and across the U.S. while the demand for outpatient services is growing. This project will allow Johnson Memorial Health to adapt to these changes, grow and better meet the future expectations of our patients.”

Respecting History

To make way for the new emergency/outpatient services facility, demolition of the oldest part of the Johnson Memorial Health campus will begin next summer. Built as the original Johnson County Memorial Hospital in 1947, the aging structure currently houses JMH administrative offices and other non-clinical departments.

“It is very difficult to economically heat, cool and maintain a 70-year old building,” said Heydon. “Constructing a new energy-efficient facility will result in considerable savings moving forward. At the same time, we respect the historical significance of the original hospital building and will work to preserve and relocate as many artifacts and historically significant items as possible.”

No local/county tax dollars involved

As with all JMH capital projects, the new $42 million dollar construction project will utilize no local or county tax dollars. “We have been preparing for this for quite awhile, knowing that we would eventually need to address capacity issues and population growth,” said Heydon. “Therefore, funding for the new project is in place. As the hospital’s operations are separated from county and city government, we will not be a burden to the residents of Johnson County nor compete against critical governmental needs.”

“Johnson Memorial Hospital is a community asset and we are thrilled the JMH Board of Trustees is willing to make this kind of investment in our community,” said Franklin mayor Joe McGuinness. “Having a vital and robust healthcare system is critical in attracting new businesses and residents to Franklin and surrounding communities.”

“We are very pleased to see this project move forward,” said county commissioner chairman Brian Baird. “This commitment will help guarantee future generations Johnson County’s 70-year tradition of providing the best healthcare and patient experience possible.”

About Johnson Memorial Health

Johnson Memorial Health is a nationally-recognized network of physicians, services and healthcare resources based in Johnson County, Indiana. The centerpiece is Johnson Memorial Hospital, located in Franklin Indiana, which has been serving patients as the county’s only hospital since 1947.

Johnson Memorial Hospital provides award-winning services including cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, maternity, orthopedic, sports medicine, pain, weight loss and wound healing care.  The network also features acute rehabilitation, breast care, home and occupational care and outpatient rehabilitation services.

In addition to the main campus in Franklin, Johnson Memorial Health has expanded to include the Greenwood Primary Care Center, the Whiteland Primary Care Center (opening winter, 2016) and the Franklin Primary Care Center. In 2013, Johnson Memorial Health partnered with Community Health Network and opened the Stones Crossing Health Pavilion to serve the residents of the Center Grove area.

Johnson Memorial Health has been awarded numerous accolades, including the 2015 Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience.

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Fact Sheet:

  • Construction will begin on a new emergency and outpatient services facility in 2017 on the Johnson Memorial Health campus in Franklin. The new emergency/outpatient services facility will replace the original 1947 Johnson Memorial Hospital building. 
  • The project will also include a 20,400 square foot rehabilitation facility to be located on the undeveloped west side of the campus. This facility will house physical, occupational and speech therapy/rehabilitation services as well as orthopedic care services. 
  • The original Johnson Memorial Hospital Building will be demolished in 2017. It currently houses JMH administrative offices.  
  • The project will include a new 17,400 square foot emergency department with a new ambulance drive and bay, to be located on the southeast side of the campus. 
  • Over 33,000 square feet of space will house new radiology, laboratory and other outpatient services on the ground level of the new building. A separate, canopy-covered entrance will allow for easy and safe patient access. 
  • A wellness suite and other services will be located on the second level of the new addition, with room for future expansion. 
  • No local or county tax dollars will be used to fund the project. 
  • Completion is expected by 2020. 
  • Indianapolis-based design firm Cripe will oversee architecture and engineering requirements.