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Diabetes Care Center 


1125 West Jefferson Street
1125 Building
Franklin, IN 46131

Diabetes is a disease requiring lifetime management. We can help you learn everything you need to know about medications, eating habits, exercise and blood glucose monitoring. 

Diabetes Care Johnson Memorial Health
Johnson Memorial Health


Johnson Memorial Health's Diabetes Care Center has been accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES). Accreditation represents a high level of quality and service to the community, and the ability to better meet the needs of Medicare recipients and others affected by diabetes.



  • Meet with a certified diabetes educator to develop a customized treatment plan that combines medical, dietary and behavioral components of diabetes management.

  • We offer diabetes classes which are recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

  • Medicare patients are eligible for 10 hours of Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) at the time of their diagnosis, and receive 2 hours every year after that for review.

  • Medicare patients are also eligible for 3 hours of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) at the time of their diagnosis, and receive 2 hours every year after that for review.

  • Patients who have a change in treatment plan are eligible for additional DSMT and/or MNT counseling.


In today's busy world, it is important that women find their health care in one convenient place.


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