Going Home

Preparing for your discharge from the hospital

Person pushing elderly male in wheelchair

Discharge planning begins when you first enter our hospital with an initial screening assessment of your post-hospital needs. An on-going reassessment of the discharge plan based on changes in the patient condition, changes in available support and/or changes in post hospital care is provided. The goal is for our patients to have a safe discharge from the hospital.

Case Management is a department of professionally trained staff and a member of your health care team. Our discharge planners can provide you with information about home health care, medical equipment, skilled nursing facilities, transportation, Meals-on-Wheels and other community resources to assist you following discharge from the hospital. Assistance with questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, State Disability and Worker’s Compensation also can be provided.

Although all disciplines are involved in discharge planning, our Case Management Department takes a leadership role in these efforts. If you feel you have a discharge need that has not been identified or should you have any questions about resources available, ask your nurse or physician to contact the Case Management Department.

Your physician will decide when you are ready to be discharged and will advise the nursing personnel. After your discharge has been decided, it still may be a few hours before you are actually ready to leave. Our staff needs to make sure all follow-up plans are in place and patient education has been given which may take up to a few hours to complete. Your nurse will need to review your chart and your discharge orders. Understanding this time element is important so you and your family know what to realistically expect and can adjust your plans accordingly.

When you are prepared to be discharged, please pick up any valuables that you may have in the hospital safe. Your nurse will assist you in gathering your belongings and check to make sure you return home with all items that you had upon arrival to the hospital. Wheelchair transportation is available to any department within the hospital and to your car.

A responsible adult needs to be available to provide transportation to your home. If this is not possible the hospital will make every effort to help you coordinate your transportation. Should you experience difficulties with transportation, please notify your nurse and she/he will assist you.