A list of your current medications is important for your care

Prescription pill bottle on side with pills spilling out

Please give your nurse a list of any medication you are taking (prescription and non-prescription) including vitamins, supplements, herbs, over-the-counter medications, eye drops, and inhalers. The listing should also include dosage and times. 

You should also keep an accurate, up-to-date record of drugs that you are allergic to.

Your nurse will review these with your physician who will make a decision on which medications you should continue to take during your hospitalization. Your nurse will bring your medication to you as ordered by your physician.

All medications you may have brought with you, including aspirin, should be returned home as they can interfere or interact with tests or medicines ordered for your treatment.

For your safety and protection, in acute care, only medicines approved by your physician and supplied by our Pharmacy will be given to you during your stay.

Your nurse will ask you questions concerning your past responses to medications and any allergies you may have. You may be asked to wear an allergy bracelet, which alerts all caregivers to your allergies.