New Records System Integrates JMH Patient Care

After more than a year of planning, training and preparation, Johnson Memorial Health is transitioning its entire patient records system to a new platform developed by Cerner, the world’s largest health information technology company. The “go live” Cerner transition date is Tuesday, August 1.

Enroll in the new MyJMH Patient Portal

Johnson Memorial Health physicians and clinicians will have access to a shared patient chart, no matter where they are on the Johnson Memorial campus or the JMH primary care centers throughout Johnson County.  The comprehensive chart will include information about the patient’s medical history and can accompany them to different care venues, reducing the opportunity for miscommunication or errors.

“We reviewed a number of options and the Cerner product is the one we determined would best serve our patients,” said Larry Heydon, President/CEO of Johnson Memorial Health. “This new system will allow our entire team to have better access to patient records, no matter where they are, in order to provide the most efficient and safest care possible.”

Johnson Memorial Health began preparing for this transition in early 2016. The preparation has included extensive training for all involved in the patient process, from physicians to office staff to lab, X-ray and accounting. Representatives from Cerner have been on-site for several months and will continue to provide support during the transition process.

“Most of the work is being done behind-the-scenes and will be transparent to our patients,” Heydon said. “We are, though, encouraging patients to arrive 15 minutes early to appointments through August to allow proper time to transition information over to the new system. We expect any inconveniences to be minor and temporary.”

Cerner was founded in 1979 as a health care software company. By the mid-1990s, Cerner evolved to organize health information by the person, rather than the physician, issue or payment; a move that was considered revolutionary in those days.  Today, Cerner is recognized in the industry for its innovations and ability to securely share data between disparate systems and venues, enabling clinical health information to be available when and where it’s needed most.

About the Transition

Access to Portal: Johnson Memorial has closed portals created prior to August 1. Go to to enroll in the new portal.
If patients experience any problems during this transition, please call your physician’s office for refills or to schedule appointments. 

Impact on Appointments: In the coming weeks, patients should arrive 15 minutes early for appointments to allow proper time to transition information to the new electronic medical record system.

Enroll in the Portal: Self-enrollment is available for patients who are age 18 or older who don't currently have access to the Johnson Memorial Hospital Portal. If you manage the health of a patient, talk to the patient's health care provider during the next visit to receive a personal invitation to the Johnson Memorial Health Portal. Self-enrollment is not currently available to caregivers or guardians. IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you utilized our previous patient portal and need your full medical records, please contact our Release of Information Office at 317-736-3573.

When enrolling in the portal, you will be asked to complete these required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number:  xxx - xx - xxxx

To self-enroll for the Johnson Memorial Health Portal, go to MyJMH Patient Portal. Once you have created an account, you can access it at: