Outpatient Surgery Recovery

Information about your recovery, visitors

Four medical professionals performing surgery

Thanks to surgical advancements with laparoscopic surgery, many surgeries are now performed on an outpatient basis in our JMH Surgery Center.

After surgery, patients initially recover in post-operative care rooms for their final recovery and discharge instructions before going home.

After Your Surgery

Outpatient surgery cases will be returned to the Outpatient Surgery Department. Frequent checks on your pulse, blood pressure and breathing will also be performed until your physician determines you are ready to be discharged.

In the Outpatient Surgery setting, most patients are allowed a small meal when they feel hungry and state they are ready to eat.

Please inform your nurse if you become nauseated or are having discomfort.

You may be discharged from the Outpatient Surgery Department in the care of a responsible adult. If you have had an ambulatory surgery procedure, your visitors may accompany you to the Outpatient Surgery Department and wait with you until it is time to prepare you for your procedure.

Visitors During Your Surgery

Even the most minor of surgical procedures may produce feelings of anxiety.

Johnson Memorial Hospital encourages you to have someone, with whom you are close, visit you before and after your surgery.

Having a friend or family member present can relax you and give you a sense of comfort and security.

While you are in the Surgical Suite, your family and friends may wait in the Surgery Waiting Room,

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