Sinus Disease Information Session

Chronic sinus infections, nasal pain and pressure, headaches, earaches, difficulty sleeping—these may be symptoms of sinus disease. Sinus disease is a common and treatable health condition but it can keep you from living life at its best.

Nicholas Hollenkamp, MD, Board Certified Otolaryngologist, invites you to be his guest for a discussion about sinus disease on April 20, 2017, 5:30-6:30 pm at Stones Crossing Health Pavilion, 3000 S St Rd 135 in Greenwood. If you have been taking too many medications to treat chronic sinus infection symptoms or if you have feared a long and painful recovery after treatment, you may be surprised to discover state-of-the-art options that allow patients to return to normal activity with quick recovery time.

The information session is free. Enjoy complimentary pizza and drinks. Registration is appreciated. 

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