Sleep Care Center

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Sleep Care Center

A common sleep disorder like Sleep Apnea can lead to worse problems like high blood pressure, heart failure, and stroke. Almost half of Americans don’t get enough rest. Thankfully, you don’t have to lose sleep over this problem. The Sleep Care Center of Johnson Memorial Hospital can help you get a full night’s rest just a few miles from your own bed.

With so many common sleep disorders, diagnosing your issue correctly is an important first step. The Sleep Center provides four rooms for sleep studies. During a diagnostic sleep study, we can measure breathing, eye movement, leg movement, chest and abdominal effort, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body position. To make you feel more at home, the sleep rooms have comforters, curtains, TVs, fans, and refrigerators.

Our Sleep Center staff consists of licensed respiratory therapists and polysomnographic technicians. A physician with experience in sleep medicine performs interpretations of every study.

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After Your Physician Orders A Sleep Study

If your physician has ordered a sleep study (polysomnography), please review the following instructions prior to your appointment carefully. After you read the Patient Instructions, please complete the questions that follow.

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The Sleep Care Center is located in the 1159 Building, Suite 303 on the Johnson Memorial Hospital campus. For more information, please call us at 317.346.3722.