Television and Telephone Service

Helpful information about viewing TVs, calling on phones

TV screen with flowers

Television Service

All patient rooms are equipped with televisions. For the rest and welfare of all our patients the television must be kept at a low volume.

Telephone Service

In-room telephones are available to all patients. Friends and family may dial your private phone number directly. We recommend family and friends limit their calls after 9 p.m. in order to let the patient rest.

To make local calls at no charge:

  1. Press “9”.
  2. Wait for a dial tone.
  3. Press the number you wish to call.

To make long-distance calls:

  1. Press “9” and the toll free number on your phone card.
  2. To make a collect call, dial “0”. The operator will connect you with a direct collect number. Long-Distance telephone cards are available in the hospital gift shop located the first floor. Long-distance calls cannot be included on your hospital bill.

Cellular Telephones

Cellular telephones use is not restricted. It is expected that consideration will be given to others when you are making or receiving calls that may be disruptive in patient care or visitation areas.

TTY Services

TTY services are available through the Emergency Department. This equipment makes it possible for speech and hearing impaired individuals with corresponding equipment to communicate their medical emergencies to our emergency personnel.