Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

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Are You Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

Our monthly expert-led support group meetings will connect you with others to discuss experiences, share ideas, and provide emotional support for the weight loss surgery journey. Whether you're considering bariatric surgery or need to get back on track with weight loss goals after surgery; this is the place to be. You may bring a support person along with you. There is no need to register—just show up!

Meetings are held on the Johnson Memorial Hospital campus in the 1159 Building from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

2018 Support Group Meeting Dates

February 12 - Kenosis: Emotional Eating

March 13 - Get Up and Move!

April 9 - Friends and Family Night

May 7 - Open Forum with Surgeon Dr. Dana Lindsay

June 11 - Personal Testimonies of Bariatric Surgery

July 9 - Staying on Track Activity

August 13 - What has Made You Successful? 


October 8 - Open Forum with Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vornehm

November 12 - Finding Your Happiness

December 10 - Reflection of the Year/Stress Management

*Back on Track is a program designed to help those who have strayed away from their weight loss goals and to help them reclaim the confidence and success they once had.

Contact our Wellness Services department at 317-346-3867 for more information.

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